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With VTL's VSAT internet connectivity you get an exclusive connection between your remote locations which is managed end-to-end by experienced TECH SUPPORT.

Satellite can act as an excellent back up option in places where the quality of terrestrial access is unreliable and/or poor. Satellite back up ensures that businesses and end users are connected to the Internet when the primary terrestrial access is unavailable for short periods of time.

Some features of our VSAT inclue the following:
# Global Coverage
# High speed access
# Cost effective
# Location independent - mobile solutions
# Bandwidth availability
VTL Fiber
With Internet powered by VTL Fiber, you get our fastest upload; download speeds and latest Wi-Fi technology.

Connection: Whether you’re streaming movies or video chatting, Internet from VTL Fiber gives you a connection you can count on. It means less waiting or buffering for the ultimate online experience.

Speed: Our 100% fiber-optic means more speed for more devices at once.
Speed for:
# Browsing
# Gaming
# Streaming your favorite shows on multiple devises at the same time
With VTL Fiber you will experience less lag and more brag. Get a leg up on the competition with the 100% fiber-optic network.

Vsat Internet Services
Our best plan for all your internet needs.
It's simple, really. We have partnered with Avanti Communications Group to provide tailored high speed data solutions for every business.
# Quick and easy to install
# Competitive Priced
Local teleports, low latency
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